Services Include :-

  • Once in a month cleaning
  • Facilitate payment of utility bills
    • Electricity
    • Telephone
    • Society Maintenance
    • Municipal Property Tax
    • Cooking Gas 
    • Any other
  • Facilitate Property Repairs
    • Civil Repair
    • Plumbing Installation & Repair
    • Electrical Installation & Repair
    • POP False Ceiling Installation & Repair
    • Fabrication Work (Grills Installation)
    • Carpentry Work
    • Fire System Installation & Repairs
  • Liaison with respective department related to property
    • Police Department (any issues related to property)
    • Society
    • Banks 
    • Legal 
    • Insurance
  • Facilitate Property Leasing & Selling
    • Finding potential customer
    • Lease / Rent Agreement Renewal
    • Tenant Management
    • Rent Collection & Depositing in banks.

Terms & Conditions :-

  1. The cost of Rs.2.50/- per sq.ft (Saleable Area) per month is towards “Shree Stuti” service charges only. This does not include any payments to be made for utility services bills, society maintenance, any repairs & maintenance payments, liaison with Government department, Police department, Insurance, Banks charges, Legal charges or any other incidental charges applicable for manageming the property. 
  2. Incase of services required towards leasing, renting or selling of property, there will be additional brokerage charges as mentioned below.
    • Brokerage Charges for Property Lease / Rental : One month rent payable in case of lease rental upto 1 year contract and above 1 year lease rental contract two months rent payable.
    • Brokerage Charges for Property Selling : 2% of Total Sale Value including parking to be payable.
  3. Charges are excluding all government taxes applicable on time to time basis.
  4. Other terms & condition as applicable in service contract.

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